jsecoin : ICO update - 10% bonus closing 11th August



ICO update - 10% bonus closing 11th August

Time is really flying at the moment and we’ve almost reached the end of the first month of the ICO. This brings with it some good news, bad news and great news.

The good news is that we’ve reached our first investment milestone, securing the funds to list on exchanges once the ICO is complete. This is without a doubt the most important next step for the project, and so to have achieved this early into the ICO is fantastic.

Unfortunately the bad news is that the 10% bonus offered to all investments is coming to an end at 12:00 UTC on the 11th August and will be reduced to 8% via the smart contract.

This brings me onto the great news. There is still time to invest and receive this 10% bonus, but you will need to act fast. Simply visit https://jsecoin.com/ico before 11th August 12:00 UTC

Thanks to those that have already participated in the ICO. We really appreciate the support.

Remaining funds after exchange listing fees have been set aside are now being used to promote the project, and gain greater exposure to ensure we continue to reach our investment milestones. Details of these can be seen in our recent blog post:

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