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Plans For The Future

Try and find a programmer who understands blockchain technology and doesn’t think it will change the world.

Bitcoin opened the doors to the idea that we don’t have to depend on government backed traditional cryptocurrencies. All government currency goes down in value/purchasing power (known as inflation) and this has been accepted as the norm for too long. Poor fiscal decisions and quantitative easing (printing money) have only added to the downward slide. Look at your current savings and what you would have been able to buy with it just 20 years ago.

Bitcoin was built in 2008 and the competitive nature of the proof of stake algorithm means that the network now consumes a huge amount of power (more than the entire population of Ireland). JSEcoin is different, it uses surplus resources that would otherwise be wasted, powering a blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. This may not seem important now but as more people adopt the technology, prices will inflate and traditional miners will be demanding even more electrical consumption. This in our opinion is unsustainable in the long-term and we are working to build a better, more scalable solution.

The ultimate goal for the JSEcoin project is to reach mass adoption. When you can purchase everyday goods online, in store and anywhere else with JSE, our vision will be accomplished. Things in the blockchain sector are moving fast and I believe we will see this happen in the next decade with one cryptocurrency standing out as a market leader. JSEcoin can be that market leader and the team here are working towards that goal.

Kind regards,

The JSE Team
JSEcoin Ltd
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
Registered in England No. 10940920 - Dun and Bradstreet No. 100233913837


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